​If You Can Speak English, You Can Make $1000 This Month Writing On the Side
Without a website, blog, or ANY technical knowledge...even if you only have one hour a day
Most of us have simple dreams and simple needs. We just need a little extra cash at the end of the month. As soon as you think you're ahead, your car breaks down or one of your kids gets sick. There's always another bill coming down the pipeline.
You can turn your life around using skills from grammar school. The ability to read and write means you're already qualified. You could go from ducking bills to sitting next to me on the beach writing in no time...
Get Paid to Write Articles and Books NOW
Whether you've always dreamed of being an author or you just want to bring in a little extra cash - writing is an amazing way to make a living. The Internet is a living monster and it constantly demands new content. Every day tens of thousands of websites pay for new articles, blog posts, reviews and books. Their need is far larger than the supply.
You can get paid as a writer THIS MONTH...
  •  Even if you've never had the time and energy to write well.
  • ​Even if you don't any connections or platform to get reviews.
  • ​Even if you don't know any publishers or clients that are willing to pay them to write.
  • ​Even if you don't think they're good enough at the craft.
  • ​Even if you don't know how to find clients who will pay them in ADVANCE
I don't claim to be the world's greatest writer. I know a lot of brilliant writers, who are also starving artists. What I do know is how to make a living from writing and how to do it FAST. The only way to get better at writing is to actually do it. If you aren't writing, then you'll never get any better. There are hundreds of companies right now that will pay you, while you learn to become an amazing writer. As you get better you can increase your rates over and over and over again!
Writing is the Fastest Way to Make Money
Not everyone wants build an entire empire online. Sometimes you just want to make a few extra bucks to help cover the bills. I get it. I have two little angels of my own. Writing pays for their food, toys and diapers. I don't have time to go to an office all day.And if you do eventually want to build an entire business, writing is the first skill you need. You can build up your war chest so that you grow your business with profits instead of debt.
I can show you how to become a successful freelance writer and get you up and running in a couple of days
Without all of the aches and pains that come with trying to make it as a freelancer on your own:
  • No more competing with people halfway around the world willing to work for a tenth of what you need to survive
  • No more working on spec (that's fancy writer talk for FREE) for some website and hoping that people pay you sometime down the line
  • No more killing yourself writing for a dozen different clients and hardly getting paid anything because you "need to make a name for yourself"
  •  No more getting trapped working for a middleman who takes a huge bite out of every single paycheck that comes your way
Let's be serious for a minute... if you sat down with somebody who was already making six-figures as a published author and turning Amazon into their personal ATM, who had a network of other authors, reviewers, and seven figure business people from every walk of life begging him to work on their project...

Do you think he'd tell you to spend six months building your business before you see the first dollar in profit?

Well, I'm right in front of you, telling you that you can do better. Publishing non fiction is one of the best ways to get started earning money, building top-tier connections, and stashing MASSIVE credibility. It's surefire, it's foolproof, it's bulletproof, and anybody can do it regardless of their income.

I've had time periods where I didn't even have Internet access, but since I had a computer and a working brain, I was able to lay the groundwork for a lasting income. You can do that too!
Would You Like to Make $15,300 On The Side?
This is a just the most recent invoices in ONE of my accounts. This doesn't include my royalty and percentage arrangements. Just imagine making this kind of money from ten hours of work a week!
In the time it took me to upload that picture, two more payments came in. One for $800 and one for $750. That's a nice morning :)
This System Works For Everyone!
Who is this International Man of Mystery?
I've been making a full-time living as a writer since 2010 and you can live the dream too...
My name is Jonathan Green and I'm one of the most sought-after ghost writers in the world. I have written dozens of bestsellers for Amazon and some of the largest direct-response books in the world (grossing over $10m).

I live on a tropical island and sit on the beach writing every day and hanging out with my lovely kids. The power of the written word has made every single one of my dreams come true.

Living on the beach with no boss in sight.
It's Simple...Writing Pays the Bills...
Writing non-fiction is a treasure map to a powerful reputation as a writer, becoming a master of your craft, and stuffing your war chest.
Get Paid Before You Write a Word

As a writer, you will always get a paycheck BEFORE you write a single word – my clients always pay at least half up front.
Make Money This Week

Unlike many other online processes, you can find paying clients DESPERATE to hire new talent…this week!
Get a Piece of the Action

Not only do you get paid money up front you can also get a percentage of every sale…forever

Never Face Writer's Block Again

Most writer’s make the same mistake and waste HOURS or even DAYS stuck…that will never happen to you ever again

Write Fast

You can write 5,000 words in the morning and take the rest of the day off…make more money than other writers with LESS time at your desk
Introducing Words to Profit Mastery
​​I've Jam Packed Everything Into This Simple System, So You Can Succeed With Ease...
This is a series of 8 HD videos spread out over two hours, where I show you everything you need in order to make a living writing stuff that people CANNOT PUT DOWN. Literally everything I do in my own business, I share with your step by step,
so you know exactly how to write a bestseller.
Module One: ​​​Planning Your Time Strategy
People think you can’t make any serious money from writing, but if you’re a native-level English writer and you can set good habits, you really can. Think of this as getting paid to perfect your craft and get better at writing.
Are you writing for yourself or looking to get clients? Can you mix both?
How to get paid while working with TOTAL autonomy (this has a 100% success rate for me!)
The “one paragraph blueprint” that guarantees your work will sell! 

Designing Your Life: how much can you write, how much do you want to write, and how much money do you need? We’ll design around your skills.

Why writing small articles can sometimes take longer to write than a 30,000 word monster!
I want you to take jobs that fit your talent and skills instead of reaching for something you think “needs to happen” – take control of your destiny and grab your business by the throat, whether you need a few hundred extra in your free time, or want to build a full time income.
Module Two: ​​​Mastering "The Blueprint"
This technique is going to save you so much effort. Clients used to constantly ask me for revisions. There was some paragraph they didn’t like, some idea they suddenly wanted covered at the last minute. And they had the money, so they made the rules. Then I started doing THIS and never had to do another revision.
A FREE piece of software that can turn you into an online gunslinger
 and The negotiation method that can get me paid 50% of the fee before I even start (hint: give value, but don’t work harder!!)

Are people going to buy what you’re selling? 

How to write when you don’t know what you’re talking about: the four websites I bookmark to become an instant expert.

How to reach into someone’s chest and dig out the emotional heart of why they’re buying – this copywriter’s move will improve everything you make.
I’m also going to give you a little “homework” so that you master this technique TODAY… and you can even use this technique to land yourself a client THIS WEEK!
Module Three: ​​ Working With Publishers
Every time I tell someone they should work with a publisher, they start getting nervous, imagining some literary snob judging their writing from an ivory tower in Manhattan. But we’re not talking about some bureaucrats in New York that take nine months to bind your book together.
DIGITAL PUBLISHERS that can sell your book for $27 – $67 a pop.
Percentages and advances: more ways to get paid before you get started. It’s the only way to fly.

How to get freedom as you write and avoid bad contracts.
What’s even better is – a publisher’s main goal is to make money, and once you partner with them they will do everything in their power to get your book flying out the door. These are not traditional publishers who depend on cardboard cutouts and hope.
Module Four: ​​The Product Sequence
Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. Would you rather have some college dropout that “writes well” or a sales expert that knows what your customers buy and how to give it to them? The product sequence is about giving you an unstoppable edge over 95% of writers on the market. Secrets include:
Did you know that most people that hire you have enough money to hire you 2 or 3 times over? How to get those extra gigs.
The BIG SCREWUP I made that had me working three jobs and getting paid for one. Don’t do what I did…

People talk about writer’s block… I wouldn’t know. I use this trick and fend it off – 100% of the time.
One of the hardest things in this business is being seen as replaceable. The market is FLOODED with writers, not just internationally, but in the US. You need to be seen as more than a commodity, more than just a generic writer. I teach you how to do that.
Module Five: ​​Convert Your Words Into Audio & Video
Like I said, you don’t want to market yourself as “just a writer” to get paydays.
How to sell the same information over and over again and make money (the easy road to success)
How to take advantage of other writers hard work and make FASTER versions of whatever you’re making now.
You don’t need a big budget or a fancy recording studio in order to record videos. I live on an island with constant rain storms, my girlfriend, out two kids, and loud tourists – those are just excuses. Do things the way I do it and you’ll be a boss, and fast.
Module Six: ​​Deep Research
There’s a difference between elite writers and the herd. The herd is always flustered – always doing research, always bouncing back and forth from their writing to… something else and taking forever doing it. I’m not part of the herd – I’m a super-productive jedi, and I can get you there too.
Get your clients to actually PAY YOU to do research
How slackers on Craigslist can get you access to $20,000 worth of powerful, ready-made content on any subject.

Your Creations Are Your Legacy
There’s always room for revisions, but here’s how to make amazing stuff the first time out.

Should you cite your research? Will this make you look more professional… or like a lazy hack?

I’m usually a positive thinker, but I always “go negative” when making something stand out.
I know that everything online promises to be easier, faster, cheaper… but I won’t sugarcoat this. It’s going to take a full workday to do the techniques I share here…I wouldn’t teach you this if it wasn’t really, really worth it.
Module Seven: ​​Write Fast
Now that you understand my research process and how I get clients, I want you to understand the number one reason that I’m so successful. It’s not because I’m more talented or smarter. I understands what appeals to people emotionally. And I write FAST. Like, blazing fast. I can put away more than 2,000 words in an hour. It’s because I have a tactic.
How to sell the same information over and over again and make money (the easy road to success)
The greatest writing tool I own: this software makes blazing speed child’s play (and it’s not what you think) 

Would you rather talk than type? The little known apps that make this incredibly easy without the backtracking and editing. I actually work with someone that can write a book IN A DAY. I can’t quite do it like he does yet, but maybe you can. Here’s his secret.Eating an elephant: How to tackle large goals like books in a record amount of time.
The faster you write, the more money you make. Getting paid for time is a thing of the past. Get enough done in just 1-2 hours to pay all your bills
Module Eight: ​​ Finding Clients
The internet is a really big place. Once you get rolling with your business, there are enough clients to get you work at any rate, whenever you want. The only potential limit is you. So let’s show you how to turn your ideas into a business. You’ll discover:.
Specializing is the best way to maximize your income, but if you do it during ______, you might destroy your career.
It’s hard to find clients without these ten things, and if you do, you’ll be working for way less

FORGET FIVERR: Seven “under the radar” places that will help you pay bills in the First World.

Here’s a place worth going in the real world, near you. Hang out here and you won’t have to find work. WORK FINDS YOU. 

If you’re insisting on using Fiverr, it can’t be the center of your business. Here’s the way you should be using it. 

Someone I hired in real life – they made a lot of money… so let’s go into his ad and see what worked.
The faster you write, the more money you make. Getting paid for time is a thing of the past. Get enough done in just 1-2 hours to pay all your bills
How Much is This Success Gonna Cost Me?
Most of the courses I’ve seen that are taught by real pros are in the $497 to $697 dollar range (you can look this up yourself). Which makes sense – the fact is that even an entry level eBook writing job is going to make you something in the $400 to $600 dollar range. So if you actually do the work, you’re going to make your money back after your first job or two.

This course is worth so much more than what you’ll find anywhere else. I haven’t just trolled around job sites until a few jobs came sliding out. I’ve really built a business writing – there simply aren’t a lot of people who can teach you to write with the kind of speed I can, because they’re not doing it. And even fewer have the business skill to turn that into a big online income. I really do think that my students are going to take this industry by storm – my skills and their drive are going to make a few people a LOT of money.

So, how do you get in that elite group?

Well, you won’t have to pay $700, that’s for sure.

You don’t have to pay $497, either.

If you sign on right now, your total investment is just $97.

You know this is a good deal. If you start writing articles, this is what you’ll charge for your first ten pack. If you get one client to hire you for an eBook (and again, I’ll show you where to go and how to present yourself with REAL EXAMPLES), you will START in the black.

That kind of real world help to make real world earnings is what I’m all about. And that’s why you need to click here before I raise the price.
Act Now and You’ll Also Get THREE BONUS COURSES Absolutely FREE!
Bonus 1: Article Dollars
In the main training, I break down how to write an entire book in less than a week. With Article Dollars, we dial into writing small blog posts and articles for quick cash. Writing articles ALONE can earn you $1,000 a month working an hour a day.
  • ​​​Learn how to write articles in groups of 10 to maximize your efficiency
  • How to write quick articles to build your portfolio and reputation
  • The secret to finding amazing article clients.
Bonus 2: Royalty Magic
Move from flat rates to recurring income, royalties and long-term projects. Many direct response clients only offer you a small part of their entire project. When you understand their full needs, you can take on a larger role - including creating a newsletter.
  • ​Lock in monthly income for the rest of the year
  • ​Increase your perceived value and raise your rates
  • ​Take on larger projects to double or even triple your pay per project
Bonus 3: Website in a Box
Setting up a website can be daunting. Watch me set up a brand new website from zero. In less than one hour you can set up your site to show your portfolio. Setting this property up now allows you to control your financial destiny
  •  Show that you are a real business and allow high-paying clients to find you
  • ​ Use this central property to grow your business
  • ​Hone your writing skills as new customers become enthralled with your work
If you order Words to Profit Mastery today, you get all three of these bonuses for free – so act now!
I can’t possibly offer a better value than this one
I’m dumping out years of knowledge and giving it to you the easy way.
This Is Going To Massively Increase  
The Power And Credibility Of  
Everything You Do, So You Can Get  
Reviews Like This:
You Need To Make A Choice
You can continue to invest your time & money into gimmicks that leave you broke and frustrated.

You can keep putting off your dream of being a writer and find yourself going back to square one over and over. You can be a mediocre freelancer in a crowd of names, working more and earning less… 

OR…you make the savvy choice, partner up with me and my students today and join a real community devoted to making you money RIGHT NOW.
The Choice Is Yours, And If You Ask Me, The Choice Is Clear.
If you do what you always done, you’ll get what you always got. If you’re part of my tribe, you’re here because you want something DIFFERENT, you want the dreams you’ve been chasing for so long. Trust me when I say that I’m here for you, and I’ll help you for as long as you’re willing to work towards that dream.

Click the buy button right now. Let’s start working together to get you the lifestyle you desire and deserve, so that you don’t have to wait weeks, months, or years for a breakthrough.

I’ve had mine. Now it’s your turn
​- Jonathan Green
P.S: So many people spend money on fancy software, on field trips, on training for things they barely understand – things that are going to pay off “someday”. I want to give you a business that monetizes the skill you already have. Something that you can get up and running right now and can build you a big, recurring income. 

P.P.S.:All the work you’ve done before HASN’T GONE TO WASTE. If you’ve ever created anything online, think of it as a massive dam that’s built up – let me be the guy that puts you over the top and gets a flood of money into your account. I know you’re ready to take action. Just take the right action in the right direction.
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