Psst… ever dreamed of writing a book?
At Last! Your Published Book Is In Your Hands…  
Welcome aboard the SNM Authorship. Destination: Bestselling author's paradise.
"I've always wanted to write a book," says pretty much everyone, ever…
But life gets in the way, and your idea stays just that—an idea.

Or maybe you've tried to put pen to paper… and ended up staring at a blank page. Maybe you managed to get through some of it, but got lost halfway through.

You thought it was too hard, it would take too long, or maybe that no one would read it anyway.

Either way, your book ended up abandoned, forgotten or shoved in a drawer.
It's not your fault. Most first time writers struggle for years with writing a book.

It's not something we get taught in school, so for most people it ends up being trial and error.

Without a strategy and a guide, actually finishing a book can be quite a hurdle.

But what if you could get your book right the first time? 
What if you didn't have to struggle through the process alone?
What if you had a detailed roadmap to follow and a guide to help you stay on track?

You'd be able to nail your book idea and make sure it will be a WINNER.

You'd be able to breeze right through your outline, first draft, second draft—and all the way to the finish line.

And with a plan in hand, you can get through the nitty gritty bits like formatting your book, getting reviews and launching with EASE.

Then you'll be a published author in no time.
I'm here to walk you through this process, and together we're going to take your book from idea all the way to launch.

I've got hundreds of bestsellers under my belt—under my name, pen names and ghost-written—and I'm ready to show you my system for writing a KILLER book.

That bestseller rank is just another day for me. And I want it to be like that for you too.

Take a look at these:

Being able to introduce yourself as a 'bestselling author' instantly grants you credibility.
Writing bestsellers has not only earned me a living, but it's been the NUMBER ONE way to gain authority in my business.
People are attracted to success and they'll be interested in you as soon as you mention it—no matter what niche you're in.

Even if you only plan on writing one book, that one bestseller could really open doors for you.

But it's not like every other product out there. You can sell bad or mediocre products and still make money.

The fact is…
No amount of marketing will help sell a poorly written book.
As soon as people open it and realize it's poorly made, those one star reviews will have your book rotting away in the depths of Amazon's algorithms, never to see the light of day again.
And I don't want that to happen to you.

It's critical to get the content right before trying to sell it. 

You don't have to be an amazing writer or have ever written before.

You don't even have to have any idea of what you want to write.

I'm here to help you from the very beginning 

So come join me today.
Write your dream book with your ticket to…
Board The SNM Authorship!
This is a MASSIVE 10 HOUR training series designed to help take you through the journey of writing—from your initial ideas all the way to the finishing touches.
Module #1:
Finding Your Message
Find the story you want to share with the world—whether it be fiction of non-fiction, your story must be compelling and hook your reader from the very beginning to the very end.
  •  Utilize Your HERO'S STRUCTURE: All books must have a structure—people expect certain things to happen at certain times, so make sure you give it to them!
  •   Grab The PUZZLE METHOD: Outlining your book is the KEY to combating writers block later and saving time, here's how you can do it right
  •   Start With THE END:Your end is a big part of your book and you have one last chance to leave an impression on your readers, ensure it's compelling! 
Module #2:
Finding Your 
Now that you've found your story you need to find people who want to hear it, including the age old debate-should you go with Amazon only or explore other options?
  •  Solve The PLATFORM CONUNDRUM: Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, Draft2Digital, Smashwords—if all these words make your head spin, let's break it down for you
  •    Fix POTENTIAL MISTAKES: Sometimes books just end up in a mess, and maybe you have one like this already—here's how to fix it
  •   Don't REINVENT THE WHEEL: There are certain aspects of your book where if you DON'T do what they expect, it will not be successful
Module #3:
 The Art Of Research
Ensure that people will pay for your book before you write a single word with an awesome research structure that finds the balance between your passions, profits and people.
  • Consider The THREE P'S: The intersection between these three P's will be the magic spot for you and your books
  •    Hit The OTHER BULLSEYE: Instead of just looking at what to target, looking at what NOT to target is going to be incredibly insightful for you
  •   Grab The OUTLINING SECRET: You can ethically 'steal' from this page, it's so easy to grab a bunch of these ideas for your own book
Module #4:
Book Cover Masterclass
Your book cover is the first thing people see and make their judgements on, you need to create a work of art that sends your book flying off the shelves!
  • People Judge A Book BY ITS COVER: The old saying is true, and if you don't heed to this rule you risk losing a ton of sales
  •    Learn By EXAMPLE: I'll walk you through a bunch of covers from different genres so we can see what works and what doesn't
  •   Test, test, TEST: It's so important to test your cover before you decide on what you want for sure, and here's how to do it
Module #5:
Introduction Is Everything
Your hook is one of the most important parts of writing your novel—start your book in a way that people cannot put it down until they finish it!
  •   Walkthrough A REAL EXAMPLE:  The old saying is true, and if you don't heed to this rule you risk losing a ton of sales
  •     Learn The SECRET OF SUSPENSE: The secret of suspense is… It's so important to test your cover before you decide on what you want for sure, and here's how to do it
  •   Remember The Rule Of CHEKHOV'S GUN: If you don't follow through with this rule, readers are likely to be disappointed or confused 
Module #6:
How To Write Fast
Speed is one of the easiest ways to succeed as an author, your time is precious, never waste it again by making sure you're efficient and productive.
  • Do My HOT CHOCOLATE RITUAL: Okay, this might get unhealthy, but the principle of this ritual is very important for finding your writing zone
  •  The Importance Of PREPARATION: Everything we've done so far is prep work, and if you've done it well you won't have many troubles writing your first draft
  •  Shoot Down YOUR DISTRACTIONS: Get rid of them! There's nothing worse than losing your writing groove because of a text message or email
Module #7:
Smoothing A Rough Draft
Don't get too attached to your first rough draft—you'll need to turn those jagged edges into a diamond that shines, and here's how…
  • ​Keep Your HEART LOCKED: Your first draft will be rough, there's no getting around that, so don't be afraid to kill your darlings
  •  Get My WRITER'S TOOLBOX: Here's a bunch of tools that help me edit and smooth out my rough drafts—and most of them are free
  •  Stay On TRACK: Don't get side-tracked by doing things in the wrong order, there are different types of edits you need to go through in the right way
Module #8:
Getting Feedback
External feedback is crucial for catching all the things you've missed, but it's also important to get access to the RIGHT voices to turn your book into 5 stars.
  • ​ Recruit Your EXTERNAL VOICE: You must have others read your book to catch your mistakes, but remember you get what you pay for
  •  Grab Your SENSITIVE READERS: These kinds of people are important when you're writing out of your depth, if you portray something incorrectly or in the wrong light, that's a one way ticket to bad reviews
  •  The Most Important PAGE IN YOUR BOOK: This one page is to combat potential one star reviews—otherwise they will slip through
Module #9:
Polishing And Formatting
Once you have a fantastic book, it's now time for the finishing touches—here's how to create a beautiful book that you would gladly pay full price for!
  •   Look Through The EYES OF THE CUSTOMER: What better way to do that than to buy your own book? Use this highlighting trick to catch any last minute mistakes
  • ​Do The UPLOAD TEST: You need to constantly test your book to make sure the right pages are showing up, don't skip this step
  • How To FORMAT YOUR BOOK: Here are some options you can pursue to make sure your book looks great in any medium
    Module #10:
    Share Your Story
    With a completed and polished book in hand, it's time to get your book into the world and to your audience with the right strategies to maximize your sales!
    •  Choosing The RIGHT PUBLISHER: There's a ton of different types of publishing out there and they all have their pros and cons—here's how to decide what's right for you
    • ​Get MOMENTUM ON YOUR LAUNCH: Momentum is how you're going to sell your books and ride the Amazon algorithm
    • ​Run Your Awesome ADS AND PROMOS: Ads are king, and certain types of ads are more effective than others—let's explore what that looks like
      What would it be worth for direct access inside a bestseller's brain?
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      All their tips, tricks and secrets from someone who actually LIVES the things they teach—not just teach it.

      That's what you're getting from me today
      That doesn't happen by accident. And it certainly wouldn't happen without a killer book behind the marketing.

      This is my entire process for writing bestsellers in a nutshell.

      And it can be yours right now.
      Get Direct Access To A Bestseller's Brain Today!
      Only $97
      Writing a book can seem like a mammoth-sized task that you have to do alone.

      But that's a myth. While a lot of the writing itself is solitary, you can't underestimate the power of a great support team.

      I'm here to help guide you through this process, and there's a ton of other people who are going through the same journey as you. 

      But let me make this deal even better for you!

      Sail away with these amazing bonuses!
      I'm going to take you through exactly how I outlined my fiction book, The Outlier. An outline is the best way to stay on track while writing and counter that dreaded writer's block before it rears its ugly head.

      We're going to go into great detail about how to make characters relatable and sympathetic and how to create urgency and a sense of pacing in your books so that people will never want to put it down.

      If you're passionate about fiction, you're going to love this bonus!

      I will take you through planning out an entire book series before you start book one! A series is the best way to monetize your writing in the long term and have a reliable income.

      You will learn how to price a series, how to test readthrough before you write ten books and of course, how to maximize your profits.

      We will also cover the secrets of box sets and when to use them to maximize your earnings! You'll have an irresistible book series in no time.
      Ever wanted to be part of a secret club? Well, now you can be! You don’t have to do this journey alone, join other students following the same journey as you and be surrounded by an instant network of fellow authors.

      Isn’t it frustrating when no one seems to know the answers to your questions? Now you don’t have to google for hours, go through the customer support system and FAQ, or wait until the end of a webinar to ask your burning questions.

      With this special group, you can dive straight into the meat of your specific situation and get direct access to others who know exactly what you’re going through. You’ll be part of a real community who wants to see you succeed.
      You are 100% covered, there's no risk to you.
      I get it, sometimes it's hard to be sure about things.

      That's why I'm offering you a 30 day money back guarantee.

      You can go through all the videos, download all the templates and try out everything and anything.

      Go through it with a fine toothed comb.

      I teach all the content myself and it's everything I know about writing a bestselling book.

      And if in the rare case you're not satisfied… even on day 29… just send me an email and I'll refund your money straight away.

      Although I'm confident that you'll love what's inside.

      But I can't leave this offer open forever.  
      I can only open this training to people who are willing to take fast action.
      Don't be surprised if you check back and the bonuses are gone.
      And as the value of writing a bestseller continues to rise, so will this price.
      If you want to struggle your way through writing your book and all the hurdles that go along with it, then this training is probably not for you.
      If you want to struggle your way through writing your book and all the hurdles that go along with it, then this training is probably not for you.
      But if you want to have a bestselling author take you by the hand and show you step by step how to write the best book possible, jump in now
      Do you want to have your dream book in your hands?
      P.S Writing a bestselling book is the number one way to really boost your business, but it can be a tough journey to take on your own. It doesn't matter if you're a complete newbie or don't even have a book idea yet—we're going to start from square one. 
      You'll get over 10 hours of videos covering everything you need to know to take your book from idea to launch, including three amazing bonuses to boost your skills to anadvanced level. The risk is all mine, you have 30 days to try out everything in the course and in the rare case you're not satisfied, just shoot me an email. Grab your ticket aboard the SNM Authorship and sail to bestseller's paradise today!
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