Do you want to launch your podcast but have no idea where to start?
How To Launch Your Podcast With A BANG And As Little Work As Possible
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Jeremy Jackson
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Grab your FREE launch checklist
And ensure you don't forget any vital steps!
Podcasts are the new 'thing' these days.  When people are too busy to read or watch something, they'll tune into their favorite podcast.
A successful podcast can open so many doors for you—you can get exposure, build a fanbase, sell your products, the list is endless.
But if you have no idea how to start one, you'll be floundering around in the dark.
Wouldn't it be great if you had a roadmap in your hands that told you exactly what steps you needed to take?
That's why I've created this gift especially for you, because I want to help you succeed. 

Inside you'll learn:
Define YOUR MISSION: If you're planning on winging it, there's no point in starting a podcast.  Learn how to define what you stand for and who your audience is so you can have the best chance at reeling them in!
Build The PENNY RECORDING STUDIO: There's tons of options out there for equipment and it's easy to get overwhelmed in the choices and the cost—I'll show you the best options so you can set up on a budget
Be The PROFESSIONAL PODCASTER: It might seem like window dressing, but if you don't have these things in place your ideal listeners will pick other podcasts over yours!
Build A POWERFUL BACK END: Do you want your podcast to actually make money?  Here's what you need to have in order to capture your listeners and turn them into your customers…
You no longer need to get confused on what equipment to get or how to set things up, I've got you covered.
Let's launch your podcast to the skies together.
Are you ready to kickstart your podcast?
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