Attention Entrepreneurs: Would You Like To Turn Your Small Online Business into an Empire?
What if you Could Double the Size of Your Business...Using a Smartphone and a Fifty-Dollar Microphone?
How you can Create a Profit-Sucking Podcast in 30 Days
If you’ve ever wanted to build a real online business, leave the 9-5 grind behind and finally make the money of your dreams - this is the most important page you’ll ever read.
My Business Was Collapsing Around My Ears
Seven years ago at the tender age of 29, I was a professor at Vanderbilt University, in charge of 6 other teachers, and living what I thought was a great life. My parents loved telling people that I was a professor. I had prestige, money, I thought I had it all – and then I lost my job.
I was devastated – but determined to maintain my lifestyle. I had been thinking about an Internet Marketing business for a while, and now that I had time, and some savings, within 2 years I was making well over $750,000 a year online.
And if I didn’t have an overblown ego before…now it was in full overdrive.
Then I found a big problem with the business I’d built – or more like… it found me. Because I’d built everything around a single source of traffic & profits, when that source went away, everything I had built fell apart.
My income dropped from over a thousand dollars a day to maybe a thousand dollars a month. 
I was living in a foreign country, struggling to make ends meet, with AmEx Platinum card bills following me to the ends of the earth.
I lay in my bed each night, staring at the dark ceiling, wondering how I was going to get out of this mess. Then, as you do, I started a family as I’ve always wanted to. I instantly fell in love with my little bundles of joy, but financially the timing couldn’t be worse.
At one point we even struggled to to put food on the table and pay the rent. And when my loved ones became involved to this extent – I made a decision.
I sat down with my family, looked them in the face and said that we’d never, ever again be so broke.
The effect of making such a powerful decision was just incredible. I set to work doing ghostwriting, every contract job I could land, to support my growing family.
My story has a happy ending – we live on a beautiful tropical island, my business is growing constantly and takes up a mere fraction of the time I used to spend hunched over the computer, writing.
But until I discovered the secret to scaling my online income (hint: it’s PODCASTING), I was stuck at a relatively low income, not sure how to get back to where I’d been just a few short years earlier.
Does This Sound Like You?
            Are you struggling to make enough money online to stay ahead of your bills?

You put in the hours and grind every night, but the numbers just aren’t where they need to be yet.It’s not your fault.There is so much information out there that it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle or chasing rainbows. Finding a clear system to follow can be overwhelming.
Have you already started a podcast and struggled to make any money?
You’re not alone - podcast advertising pays abysmally and some of the biggest podcasters in the world still have to spend their days working in bowling alleys and painting houses just to make ends meet.
Have you hit a financial wall and no matter how hard you work you can’t grow your business any bigger?
Everyone hits this same wall at some point, most business systems are designed for beginners, to help you make that first buck online. But you need something more to take you to the next level.
That's when I discovered a way to triple my income month after month... WITHOUT putting in extra work, extra hours or spending extra money!
Please read this very carefully, because this is very important…
I was in the same boat when I started rebuilding my business.
I was putting in the hours but each month I was only growing by peanuts.
A thousand dollars in January turned into a thousand ten in February.
An extra ten bucks is nothing to sneeze at, but it won’t even pay for a trip to the doctor.
I was stuck in the mud and couldn’t find a way to move forward…until I discovered a simple system for profit acceleration.
Making it to that first grand was fine, but I needed a system that I could use to put a big X after that number.
To double and trip income month after month.
A way to turn bus fare into car money and finally into private plane money.
I launched a podcast to my tiny audience and I discovered something amazing…instead of spending two or three hours crafting long blog posts, in just twenty minutes I could tell a story that would connect my audience with me.
So much of my audience doesn’t have time to to read blog posts and long books…they need content they can consume while driving and jogging.
I discovered a wide open field where every day more people are turning to podcasts as their preferred content method….and yet most podcasters are falling flat on their faces because they have no idea how to make any money.
My business has nearly quadrupled in just a few short months….
You Can Change your Destiny TODAY
You don't need a fancy voice, a million-dollar studio, a massive audience to take your income to that next tax bracket:
  • Imagine next Monday...instead of waking up to a blaring alarm clock, you get up when you're ready. Instead of force feeding yourself a breakfast you're not hungry for and rushing out the rood, you enjoy a leisurely breakfast with your family. Instead of battling through rush hour traffic or squeezing into a packed subway, you're 'daily commute' is a short walk into the spare room. And instead of sitting all day in a boring cubicle, your 'office' is where you want, Starbucks, the beach, anywhere you can find an Internet connection. All you do is clip a tiny microphone to your shirt, and you're in business. 
  • ​Instead of going to bed wondering if you'll wake up to a negative balance and one of those awful bank fees in the morning, get that good night's rest that only comes with knowing that your bank account will be bigger in the morning than it was when you went to sleep. Instead of tossing and turning all night, turning stress into insomnia and back into stress again - wake up rested and ready to win - every day.
  • ​Imagine the look on your family members' faces when they see your show blasting to the top of the charts on iTunes. No more wondering if you're wasting your time chasing an impossible dream. Never listen to that "maybe you should think about getting a job" conversation ever again. Turn your doubters into your biggest fans who can't WAIT to tell everyone they know about your new tier of success.
  • ​How will you feel that moment you break through from hobby to profession? That moment where you can quit your job, tear up that resume or just stop living off savings? To finally take the rudder on the ship of your life and be the master of your destiny....
NOW is the Ultimate Time to Start a Podcast
Podcast Listening is on the Rise. You can use text sections like this repeatedly, to explain details about your product, elaborate on the major benefits you offer and much more.
Only a Few Podcasters Understand How to Make Money - According to Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting at ZenithOptimedia “The stand-out success of a few podcasts has tended to cannibalize spending that would otherwise have been spread across less successful podcasts, instead of expanding the market substantially,” Even successful podcasts can't make ends meet because they depend on the advertising model.  
Here's where the real opportunity is - most people just don't know how to make any damn money with podcasting and most of these podcasters are quitting - All of these people who started podcasts without a monetization plan or hoping for those big advertising bucks are feeling the pain. That lack of a plan has led to podcasters quitting in droves. Nearly 60% of podcasts are inactive RIGHT NOW. Check out the infographic on the right - you can see the market is ripe for the picking.

The Podcast Rockstar Method WORKS - According to Edison Research, when properly integrated with a podcast, your monetization method can powerfully affect your audience and your bank account. People take DIRECT action when listening to a podcast, including:
  • Visiting a sponsor’s web site (45%)
  • ​Considering a new product or service (42%)
  •  Gathering more information about a product or company (37%)
Imagine if more than forty percent of the followers who read your emails or saw your posts on social media clicked your links. That's the power of podcasting.
From Nightclubs and FM Radio to Podcasting We've used many visual elements and a lot of visual variety on this page. This is meant to keep readers engaged. Make sure that you don't hit them with a wall of text in your text sections. Lots of text isn't a bad thing, but break it up with short paragraphs, highlighted text and occasional images.

DJing in London
Djing in Japan with a Superfan
Appeared on Multiple Radio Shows and Media Across North America. A text section like this is ideal for addressing objections. Whenever you get pre-purchase questions especially pay attention to anything that's keeping your prospects from making a purchase. What makes them hesitate? What are they unsure about? These are points you can address here, on your sales page.
MA in Applied Linguistics. In 2009 I graduated from King's College in London with an MA in Applied Linguistics with Merit. My work was so strong that a publishing house published my dissertation.  
Live on the Beach in Paradise. You have probably seen beach pictures on hundreds of websites, but most of those are from a single trip to the beach. I have lived on a tropical island in paradise for over two years now and this website is loaded up to the gills with photos and videos of me walking around right in front of my house. Here are just a few pictures from the family album of my life on this tropical island over the past two years...
Interviewed some of the Top Podcasters in the World. I've interviewed some unbelievable guests on my show, including Jordan Harbinger who runs on of the most successful and well-reviewed podcasts in the world.
I've Worked with Some of the Top Marketers in the World. People like Russell Brunson, Dr Ben Adkins, Don Wilson, Ben Littlefield, Carlos Silva and Brad Spencer.
Have You Ever Seen Shark Tank?. People like Russell Brunson, Dr Ben Adkins, Don Wilson, Ben Littlefield, Carlos Silva and Brad Spencer
Your Life is Never Going to Be the Same Again - Podcast Rockstar Delivers the EXACT Formula that Many Seek, but Few ever Find..
In this course, you will discover:
  • ​How you can build a REAL following on autopilot - people who actually like you, love your work and WANT to buy from you
  • ​How I went from living off of ghostwriting jobs to taking back control of my financial destiny and living a life of freedom
  • ​Worried about overpriced and complicated studio gear? I'll reveal how I record my popular podcast using less than $100 worth of equipment.
  • ​Traffic secrets revealed - how to send a flood of laser-targeted visitors to your website. I'm talking about people who are ready to buy from you TODAY.
What do REAL Listeners Think?
Millions of podcast downloads...
You might be overwhelmed....
Art Lieberman
One Teaching Tip Podcast
I already have a podcast and wasn't looking for a podcasting course. I found out a number of things I can do to improve my podcast! I loved the lessons about music, artwork and voiceovers. I learned some amazing things like:
  • ​How to get great podcast artwork for less than five dollars
  • ​How to further monetize my podcast
  •  How to improve my audio quality and listener engagement
The lessons are so packed with content, that at first you might be overwhelmed, but don’t worry – in the later lessons, he shows you each process again step-by-step.
YES. I would recommend Podcast Rockstar because I already trust Jonathan. I've listened to HIS podcast and found it compelling. I know he's doing something right.
Jonathan is not a storyteller....
To any person who is in a tough spot....
Perfect for new moms....
An inspiring story....
Actionable ideas....
I Received This Email Last Week...
I love, love the Podcasts. When I drive to work ( 25 minutes drive) & from work, I listen. My current project is more challenging than I thought....I wanted to give up.... but in one of your podcasts, you said, 'Don't give people what you want, Give people what they need!"
Here's What You Get...
This epic course covers every aspect of podcasting from buying your first microphone through monetizing your show and sending your profits into the stratosphere. You will receive nearly FIVE HOURS of rock solid content broken down into FIFTEEN video modules to give you everything you need to launch a successful podcast and grow your business, including:
Section One - Your Podcasting Tools
Module 1-2 are game-changers. You can put together an amazing show that sounds professional without breaking the bank. Your show will sound flawless from episode one, turning a backyard podcast into a professional, studio-quality job. These 2 modules will reveal:
  • ​Build a professional podcast studio for under a hundred bucks
  • ​Replicate my entire recording and editing process using simple FREE tools.
  • ​Be ready to record your first episode TODAY
Section Two - Your Show Style
Modules 3-5 are the foundation of a killer podcast. Create a podcast vision that will become a magnet for new listeners and profits. Build a professional show THIS WEEK, with amazing music, voiceovers and bumpers.
  • ​Find a style that will push you to the top of the podcast pile
  • ​Use catchy music and a professional voiceover to turn listeners into FANS
  • ​Create podcast artwork that FORCES people to listen to your show, remember your name, and buy anything you recommend!
Section Three - Recording Your First Episode
Modules 6-9 are going to blow your mind. Outline your show for episode one all the way through one hundred, in less than five minutes. Plan, record and edit a show that people fall in love with.
  • ​Use my SECRET structure that turns every new listener into a BINGER (they listen to every single episode in your back catalog as fast as they can)
  • ​Outline, record and edit each episode in an afternoon
  • ​Create episodes that your fans absolutely HAVE TO SHARE on social media
Section Four - Launching to the Masses
Modules 10-12 pull back the wizard's curtain. - Turn fans into fanatics who tell all their friends about your show. Generate powerful reviews that push your show to the top of the charts and bring in mountains of new listeners.
  • ​Build a machine that releases every show like clockwork, allowing your fans to be ready to consume each and every new episode with glee
  • ​Turn your competition into drooling, jealous fools as they see listener after listener drop FIVE-STAR reviews on your show
  • ​Turn your podcast into a credibility machine and watch as door after door opens for your business
Section Five - Building an Empire
Modules 13-15 will turn your new podcast into a CASH COW. Your show is about more than just showing off. Forget friends and family, you are here to build and EMPIRE.
  • ​Monetize your show from the very first episode and real in four-figure clients and projects
  • ​Explode your listener base and grow your income geometrically
  • ​Turn every single episode into a soldier that goes out there and brings back more listeners and more dollars
And much, much more...
But Wait...There's More!
I want you to have unbelievable success. On top FIFTEEN videos breaking down how to build your podcast empire, I want to give you every tool you need to turbocharge your success and make this course a no-brainer.
I’ve included an MP3, a PDF worksheet and a transcript for every single lesson.
You also get my TOP SECRET Podcast Launch Checklist and the Episode Launch Checklist. Never miss a single step or release a broken episode ever again. These checklists are nothing less than mission critical and will ensure that you avoid the most common pitfalls that kill young podcasts.
AND my essential tools list that shows you how to build a studio for pennies and avoid the common mistakes many new podcasters make of investing thousands of dollars before they even get started.

This Is Going To Massively Increase  
The Power And Credibility Of  
Everything You Do, So You Can Get  
Reviews Like This:
FREE Bonus #1 - Fearless Speaker 29min Video 
Getting in front of a crowd can be scary, even if that crowd is virtual. Whether your fear is rooted in the crowd or your inability to tell great stories, I've got you covered. In this bonus, you will learn
  • ​The FIve Root Fears and how to shatter each of them
  •  How to turn your fears into an ADVANTAGE to deliver the podcast of your dreams
  • Tell stories using a simple structure that will have your audience begging for more
  • ​My top secret technique for immediately getting in the "zone" before I record
This special course is loaded up to the gills with the techniques I used to overcome my own fear of public speaking and launch my podcast into the stratosphere. This course sells on it it's own for $177, but today it's included free with Podcast Rockstar
Free Bonus #2 - Podcast Profits 21min Video
I didn't get into this business to become a starving artist and I doubt you did either. Learn how to make a killing with your podcast - without resorting to ads for underwear, mattresses or adult websites. You never have to promote something you don't believe in just to make ends meet again.
  • ​Turn each podcast listener into a fan that you can connect with over and over again
  •  Turn the pennies that advertisers offer you into MASSIVE recurring revenue
  • ​Build real business assets that will allow you to expand and grow your business into the future
  • Turn your podcast from a hobby into a business that unlocks financial freedom
This material will double your podcast revenue instantly and it's worth far more than the $147 that I normally charge for it
FREE Bonus #3 Social Accelerator 11min Video
You can set up systems to connect social media and your podcast to generate perpetual traffic - all on autopilot. You don't have to spend hours slaving away anymore. In this bonus: 
  • ​Stop wasting time on the wrong networks - laser target the networks where your audience is hiding.
  •  Unlock the secret hashtags that will triple your following - even if you don't have any friends
  • ​Generate episodes that FORCE your listeners to share and re-share every single week
  • Create engaging graphics with ease and watch each episode take on a life of its own as it goes viral
This course will put you ahead of the competition. Most podcasters are stuck in the past, but you will be light years in the future. This module by itself is worth $47 and when you open it up you'll see exactly why.​
Here's a Brief Summary Of Everything You're Getting in Podcast Rockstar
  • ​Module One - Introduction to Podcasting - $47
  • ​Module Two - Your Podcasting Tools - $47
  • ​Module Three - Your Show Style - $47
  • ​Module Four - Designing Podcast Artwork - $47
  • ​Module Five - Music and Voiceovers - $47
  • ​Module Six - Podcast Foundations - $47
  • ​Module Seven - Preparing Your First Episode - $47
  • ​Module Eight - Recording Your First Episode - $47
  • ​Module Nine - Editing Your First Episode - $47
  • ​Module Ten - Get Your Podcast Online - $47
  • ​Module Eleven - Launching Your Podcast - $47
  • ​Module Twelve - Podcast Reviews - $47
  • ​Module Thirteen - Top of the Pyramid - $47
  • ​Module Fourteen - How to Increase Your Downloads and Listeners - $47
  • ​Module Fifteen - Episode to Traffic Cycle - $47
When you order today, you'll also get $793 in FREE BONUSES:
Free Bonus #1 – Downloadable MP3 Versions of Each Lesson – $77
Free Bonus #2 – Printable PDF Worksheet for Each Lesson – $97
Free Bonus #3 – Transcript of Each Lesson – $97
Free Bonus #4 – Podcast Launch Checklist – $57
Free Bonus #5 – Episode Launch Checklist – $27
Free Bonus #6 – Essential Studio Equipment Guide – $67
Free Bonus #7 – Fearless Speaker – $177
Free Bonus #8 – Podcast Profits – $147
Free Bonus #9 – Social Accelerator – $47
That’s a total combined value of $1,498 - and yes, all these items are able to be purchased at those prices, so these aren’t some figures I’ve plucked out of the air. They’re real.
Once you get your podcast launched and humming along, just imagine the avalanche of leads, sales and profits pouring into your growing business every day. I couldn’t even imagine making this kind of money when I lost my job – but now that’s my life.
If all this course did was make you an extra $1000 a month, would it be worth the investment?
If you could take control of your financial destiny, work only the hours you want to, and accelerate your business into something sustainable – would that be worth paying $1498 just once?
Even if you just gave the system a trial and broght in an extra $500 a month – would a one-time investment of $500 be worth it?
Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for anywhere near $1500 for this system…
To Conquer Your Fear...
One of the most valuable parts of this course is the Fearless Speaker bonus. This module alone is EXACTLY how you can comfortably and confidently grow your business. It’s the key to the confidence to ask for the things you need. It’s the secret to asking for raises and negotiating higher fees with clients. Get ready to approach your business heroes and ask them to work with you.
Please Note: If you were to attend a workshop that ONLY covered how to overcome the fear of speaking to crowds, it would not be cheap. If you are even able to get into one of these crowded seminars, expect to pay upwards of $1795. And that’s just for one weekend in a group workshop. If you were to ask me to help you one-on-one, I would charge even more for access to my precious time.
However, for this course, I’m not even asking for the price of a single session with a public speaking coach, who would charge hundreds of dollars per session.
For the next 14 people who click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button below, I’m going to send you the full program including all the bonuses for the low one-time investment of just $197.
That’s a massive 88.9% discount, as a reward for taking action right now.
This Price Will NOT Last...
Don't Forget...You Are Covered by my TRIPLE Guarantee
Layer 1 - Military Grade Encryption
Take a look at the top left corner of this webpage. Notice that it says "https" and not "http." That S stands for security and it means that my industrial grade encryption is respected and endorsed by some SERIOUS brands, including:

That is the security on the open part of my website. The payment page has military-grade 256-bit encryption. Your private information is so secure that even I can't access it without going through verification and identification.
Layer 2: Access to Your Actual Teacher
You can check out the competitors all you want, but you would be lucky to find a course where the teacher ever communicates with you. At best you'll get a perfunctory form email and never hear from them again - at worst you'll deal with flunkies who've never run a business in their lives.

 At ServeNoMaster, I give you the experience that I expect to receive as a customer and that means you're never on your own.
Don't believe me? Send me an email and see just how fast I reply.​
I'm not afraid to put my face on the product because I know it works and I KNOW I can change your life.​
Layer Three: My Ten Times Your Money Back, 30 DAYS Guarantee!
You have a full 30 days - that’s an entire month - to go through the entire course, watch every module, and try out all the strategies you want. Go through it with a fine toothed comb and if, in the unlikely event that you are not totally blown away by the content…

If you don’t immediately see how you now have the tools to make at least and additional $2,000 this year

Then I want to give you a prompt and courteous refund.
Now It's Your Turn
You know everything you need to know and it's decision time.
Are you tired of playing it safe and feeling trapped with your limited online earning? Are you ready to make a change and ACCELERATE your profits?
If you're happy to keep doing what you're doing and getting the same results, to stay where you are (or keep sliding downhill), of if you just think of your online business as a hobby or a bit of a game - then you should just close this page and go back to Facebook or Snapchat and let the people who take action leave you behind.
However...when you are ready to accelerate your business and take full control of your financial destiny...when you are ready to leave your competition in the dust....Simply click the Add to Cart Button below and I'll be waiting for you in the member's area. I will be the first person to shake your hand and welcome you to the next phase of your life.

Click the button NOW, before this opportunity passes you by.
P.S: If you want to discover the secret to accelerating your business and moving into real, sustainable profits, without wasting your time chasing some magic ball down the hallway - read this entire letter because I've shared all the secrets right here on this page.
P.P.S. This is absolutely 100% guaranteed to give you TEN TIMES YOUR MONEY BACK - if I can’t show you how to put at least $2,000 in your bank account within 30 days, I don’t deserve your money. There is literally ZERO risk - it’s all on me.

P.P.S.: If you’re STILL not quite sure if this is quite right for you - I’d like to sweeten the deal. When you become one of the first 17 people to claim your copy, I’ll send you a FREE copy of my top secret training "Transcript Turbocharge" just for taking the plunge.
So please, click on the ‘Add To Cart’ button below right now while it’s fresh in your mind...
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:
What if I don’t like the sound of my voice?
I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’m not a big fan of my voice either. I struggle to listen to recordings of my voice because I think I sound like a fifteen-year old boy.  I’m still waiting for my voice to get deeper. But you know what? Nobody has EVER complained about my voice! Not when I was a teacher. Not in my training videos. Not when I speak at seminars. And not on my podcast! That fear you have is absolutely in your head and it’s just another way your mind manifests a fear of speaking. The GREAT news is that the special bonus Fearless Speaker helps you overcome this exact hurdle. On top of this, I will show you my secret trick using a FREE app to add magical compression to my voice. 
It instantly turns any voice into radio gold. And it’s all waiting for you inside right now….
What if there is a problem with my order?
I handle everything personally and I will ensure that you get taken care of as quickly as possible. Just email support [@] and I will personally take care of everything. 
You don’t have to worry about that customer service song and dance – I handle it all myself to ensure you get theplatinum experience. I do have to warn you that I live on an island in the South Pacific, so my time zone is probably VERY different from yours. I might be asleep when you email me, but I WILL handle it as soon as I wake up. 
What if I'm really busy?
Add your content here... 
What I don't have a mailing list or following?
Podcast Rockstar is a course built to grow and accelerate your small business. Unlike a lot of other courses out there, success does not depend upon your ability to leverage any existing friendships, partnerships or followings. You can start in a brand new industry with no name recognition and launch a podcast that blows the competition out of the water using the patented “Podcast Rockstar Launch Sequence.” With this technique, you can create a following from nothing – all in the next thirty days. Add your content here..
What if I can't afford a big expensive studio?
That’s GREAT. This entire course is built from a grassroots approach. I will show you the exact microphone I use to record (hint it’s $69 on Amazon right now with FREE shipping). I have worked with hundred-thousand dollar studio setups, where some of the greatest bands in the world recorded. 
And with a podcast, all of that is just a WASTE. I edit and master EVERY episode of my podcast using free software. 
I’ve got a special PDF with the exact tools I use and how you can build your own studio for under a hundred bucks.
Building a podcasting studio does NOT need to be expensive anymore. Questions like "does this work with my operating system?" don't make for thrilling sales page content, but they can easily be addressed in this section.
What if I'm terrible with technology?
I outline and demo every single step of the entire process to ensure that the software never overwhelms you.
And if you need help setting things up for the first time, I will help you find amazing talent that will help you for under ten bucks! You will get access to the very people that I hire for all of my tech needs. The great thing about podcasting is that you only have to set up your system ONCE, and then you can let it run on autopilot. Record your episodes, send them to your techie and then watch each new episode appear online right on schedule.
What if speaking in public makes me nervous?
Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Your special bonus for taking action now Fearless Speaker will help you conquer this fear TODAY. This bonus has two video to cover each angle of fear. The first module breaks down the FIVE primary fears behind the fear of public speaking and dashes each of them against the rocks. In the second module, you will learn the science behind storytelling and never have to worry about engaging your audience again. With Podcast Rockstar, your fears will fade away as your online success skyrockets.
What was that guarantee again?
You are covered by my TEN TIMES 30-Day Guarantee You have a full 30 days – that’s an entire month – to go through the entire course, watch every module, and try out all the strategies you want. Go through it with a fine toothed comb and if, in the unlikely event that you are not totally blown away by the content… If you don’t immediately see how you now have the tools to make at least and additional $2,000 this year Just email me and I’ll gladly refund every single penny – no questions asked.
Get instant access to PODCAST ROCKSTAR now!
I'm read to turbocharge my online business and start making the money that I know I deserve. I'm ready to unlock my future.
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